At least we made it out alive, right?



" i’d rather use it than let it go to waste ."


    ” you don’t need to , i have a series of cleaners that will do all of that for us . no need to worry after it .”

            “I feel … useless.
             At least let me take you out
             for dinner tonight, yes? It’s
             the least I can do, and my
             arm isn’t healed enough to
             go out on the battlefield, yet,
             anyway. I could use a break.”

                      “So… What do you think?”


His skin tingles so ridiculously with
the aftershocks of having Steve’s hot
mouth against it and his head lolls back
just in the slightest, the cold air stings
his skin where it was once been so hot.
The teasing surprises him, never had he
expected Steve to be that type of drunk—-

        But TJ does suppose it’s his fault, partially.

     He expects Steve to seal the
     kiss, so when he feels a thumb instead,
     he can barely focus on anything else but Steve’s
     mouth and finger. The alcohol buzzes inside him
     and he’s drunk, slightly too wound up. Steve brought this
     on himself.


The smirk spurs him into
movement and TJ leans in, brushes
his lips so painfully lightly against
Steve’s that they barely touch.
He makes a sound like he’s happy
and flicks his tongue out to taste
at the other’s lower lip.

        When he pulls back, he doesn’t go far and
        smirks, though he’s hot all over from the
        teasing and it’s all Steve’s fault.
        TJ pours another shot, but this time holds
        it up to Steve, like he can focus on anything else.

            There is a desperate noise that falls from Steve
            lips that he does not even hear himself after the
            soft touch of their lips and the warm tongue against
            his lower lip. The alcohol is to blame for all of this,
            no doubt, and yet, Steve is a little bit too willing to
            take the glass out of TJ’s hand and put it away before
            cupping TJ’s cheek and the back of his neck to pull
            him back in for more.

                      He didn’t wait, not this time, didn’t tease.
                      Simply put his own mouth on TJ’s, kissing
                      him, nipping on his lower lip and already
                      parting his own lips to get TJ to stop fooling
                      around, too, and start…well. ‘fooling’-around.

       The blood is rushing through his body so
       fast that he can hear it roaring in his ears,
       but honest to god, with TJ’s lips against his,
       he doesn’t care. Not even about the fact that
       he eventually had to let go of the other’s face
       to hold on to the counter, seeing how otherwise
       he’d have ended up falling off the stool.


You know when you tell yourself you ain’t gonna cry, it’s not a big deal, and then it’s the biggest deal ever. 

(Brooklyn boys after a fistfight) 



suddenly everything changes


                Tony kept his head tilted down but
                he nodded it anyway. He met Steve’s
                lips to return the kiss quickly before
                they parted for one last time. Sure he
                could keep bringing up conversations
                to keep him there but eventually Steve
                would have to leave and the sooner
                he did the sooner he’d be back.

                                Tony had told him he loved him and as
                                long as he knew that he could be content
                                to the best of his abilities until Steve returned.
                                He’d worry naturally but Steve was a big boy,
                                stronger than them and more capable. 


                             "No, it’s not." 

                A small but weak smiled displayed itself
                on Tony’s mouth and he shoved his hands
                inside his pockets watching Steve open
                the door and finally leave. 

                                His fingers tangled themselves into his hair
                                and he sighed. It was going to be a long
                                painful wait. Even now he wanted to chase
                                after him and drag him back. 

                But he couldn’t.

             It wasn’t easy to pull away from Tony and leave;
             it felt final, even though it wasn’t. He didn’t know
             what would happen on this little mission, didn’t
             even know if Bucky— The Winter Soldier would
             show mercy again or finish his own mission,
             but he had to try it…

                           And he did try. Leaving this wonderful life behind
                           just to hunt a ghost… The ghost of his best friend.

          He was by his own, no one to help,
          no one to trust. This was his own
          duty, he had to do it alone and he would.

                 For a few days, he couldn’t text Tony,
                 too busy with his hunt, but when after
                 a bad day Steve went into his crappy
                 motel room, he fished his phone out,
                 unsure of whether to do it or not, before
                 hit sent, hoping for the best.

                                     I miss you, Tony.




            And that’s her limit, too— there is
            only so much she can hear before
            her patience is tested, so she hangs up on him.

        He can’t help it but laugh once Natasha
        hung up on him before he put his phone
        away and got changed to go to the GYM.
        Sports, shower and then movie.
        But not without texting natasha a stupid
        monkey emoji with the monkey having its
        hands folded in front of its mouth.

                    A perfect plan.
                    And he’d pay Sam a visit seeing
                    how that was easier than a phone
                    call anyway and see whether he’d
                    join in on their little movie adventure.