Dance Lesson



Steve didn’t looked at her as well. He was starring down into his glass, feeling how his mouth dried out and shrugged - He didn’t wanted to talk about Peggy - Not with Tony, nor with anyone else. She was his story. Someone he had lost…

He thought about a way to get her off of that, but then she offered him something, without even realizing it. “What did Howard tell you?”, he asked, knowing pretty well that Tony hated talking about her Dad -Maybe she’d agree to shut that topic with that….

But nope, she wasn’t. “She’s dead, Tony… Where’s the problem?”

Tony glanced up at Steve. Now she made him sad. Congratilations Stark. she felt guilty becasue of it. She could see that he didn’t wanted to talk about it. Why couldn’t she just ignore it?

She sighed. “He said she was one fo the bravest women that he’d ever know. He said she was beautiful, and that once she shoot you, just to try out your shield.” She answered quietly.

Steve listened to Tonys words, realized, how she stopped asking him if he still loved her not - It was better like that… She wouldn’t like Steve’s answer anyways.

"Oh…", he mumbled before a small smile appeared on his face while thinking about it. "That was right after that…Blond Woman had jumped on me and she had..caught us.”, he said and closed his eyes again, before shaking his head.
He hadn’t realized that she had been jealous…But the fact, that she had been still made his day…

"She was a great woman…Everyone respected her. She was beautiful and…She and Howard were good friends."

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    She felt a slightly urge to hug and kiss him again, but friends are not kissing and are not hugging like that. Tony...