Bruce Banner took me to a concert and we went for dinner. Then that night, we read books and as he whispered in my ear, he said let’s go to the bedroom.

Im so okay with this 

Thor took me to Times Square and we went to a club(??????). Then, that night we sat by the fire and as he touched my lips, he said, “I love you.”


Iron Man took me to the helicarrier and we rode bikes together. Then that night we made out and as he sang to me he said: ‘It’s over’.



Just love me and leave me.

Actually I’m way too amused by this to even be sad XD

I think this is awesome, but if I actually try to read what is flashing by, I get a headache and feel like puking.  I don’t think it’s the gifs.. I think that’s just my reaction to dating…

Phil Coulson took me to wet village and we went for dinner. Then, that night we cuddled under a blanket and as he put a finger on my ring he said: Let’s go to the bedroom…

Why should Agent Coulson do that…?

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    right lets do this btw I GOT LOKI AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAssssssssssaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...
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    loki took me to the west village and we sat awkwardly but then that night we held hands and as he leaned in he said...
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    NO BUT YOU DONT UNDERSTAND ITS SO STARK Iron Man took me to Stark tower and we went for a drive. that night we made out...
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    Captain America took me to the Statue of Liberty and we got a coffee. Then that night we held hands, and as the wind...
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