Steve Rogers

Captain America

The first Avenger

Hello, my name is Steve Rogers --Better known as Captain America Yes...The Captain America - and I...Well, I slept for a really long time, 70 years to be accurate.
I can not deny that it is hard to get used to the new world and the new culture, but at least I'm not alone anymore and my friends my family; The Avengers, are helping me.

I know we can manage everything together and we will keep this beautiful planet safe.

[This is a Captain America multi-verse RP-Blog, I ship everything as long as the backstory fits. My favorite ships are Stony and Bucky/Steve Steve/Peggy. AU-Relationships are gladly welcome. I own none of the pictures I'll post on this blog.]





Bruce Banner took me to a concert and we went for dinner. Then that night, we read books and as he whispered in my ear, he said let’s go to the bedroom.

Im so okay with this 

Thor took me to Times Square and we went to a club(??????). Then, that night we sat by the fire and as he touched my lips, he said, “I love you.”


Iron Man took me to the helicarrier and we rode bikes together. Then that night we made out and as he sang to me he said: ‘It’s over’.



Just love me and leave me.

Actually I’m way too amused by this to even be sad XD

I think this is awesome, but if I actually try to read what is flashing by, I get a headache and feel like puking.  I don’t think it’s the gifs.. I think that’s just my reaction to dating…

Phil Coulson took me to wet village and we went for dinner. Then, that night we cuddled under a blanket and as he put a finger on my ring he said: Let’s go to the bedroom…

Why should Agent Coulson do that…?

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