Steve nodded with a proud smile on his lips before he stood up and grabbed his jacket before he already heard the next words from Tony and had to chuckle. An overprotective mother..

That was definitley new.

“I’m sorry if you do not like it, but…someone has to protectyou and watch out for you when you do reckless things like that, don’t you think…? And since Pepper isn’t around that often anymore, I think I shall do it.”

” Hey, I’ve taken care of myself pretty well up until now. ” He sat back and watched as the captain got ready to leave. He wasn’t really able to get up and move around like he usually did, so he wasn’t sure what to do with himself. He was usually working on something, traveling somewhere, going out somewhere. He was usually busy.  He wasn’t sure if he was allowed to use Steve’s T.V. or not.

"Pretend you’d be at home, yes…? Youc an talk to yourself, eat something, drink whatever you find and do whatever you want —As long you do not touch my notebooks, yes?", Steve said before taking his purse and keys and smiling at the man one more time.

It would not take him longer than a few minutes to go to the drug store, and it didn’t.

—Ten Minutes later the door to Steve’s apartment was opening and Steve walked directly to the kitchen to get Tony a glass with cold watter before reaching him his pain killers.

"Here you go.."

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