Steve Rogers

Captain America

The first Avenger

Hello, my name is Steve Rogers --Better known as Captain America Yes...The Captain America - and I...Well, I slept for a really long time, 70 years to be accurate.
I can not deny that it is hard to get used to the new world and the new culture, but at least I'm not alone anymore and my friends my family; The Avengers, are helping me.

I know we can manage everything together and we will keep this beautiful planet safe.

[This is a Captain America multi-verse RP-Blog, I ship everything as long as the backstory fits. My favorite ships are Stony and Bucky/Steve Steve/Peggy. AU-Relationships are gladly welcome. I own none of the pictures I'll post on this blog.]



Oh, I can do that, Tony.

But you have to stop calling me Capsicle.

Okay Yankee Doodle.

I could offer you a book if you want or I could give you a pen and a blog so you could draw something… —I don’t know, it’s what I do when I do not have to do anything else, Tony.