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When Steve will open the package, he’ll find a another little pack decorated like the American’s flag, near the ribbon was attacked a note

«I’m sorry to not be able to give this to you personally, but just know that I wish for you the best Happy birthday! I know this is nothing much compared to what you and Tony have done for me, but I hope you’ll like this little gift! Stay shiny Stevy, and especially.. Smile!! -Tara Harris- “»

Steve smiled when he saw the little box, opened it and found the little note. Reading it his smile grew a little more, it wasn’t the gift that was making him smile but the fact that someone he merely know was thinking about him and thinking about his birthday.
"This really wasn’t necessery…", he whispered to himself and looked at the clock for a long time before he put it on and put the note and the box on his nightstand.
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