Steve Rogers

Captain America

The first Avenger

Hello, my name is Steve Rogers --Better known as Captain America Yes...The Captain America - and I...Well, I slept for a really long time, 70 years to be accurate.
I can not deny that it is hard to get used to the new world and the new culture, but at least I'm not alone anymore and my friends my family; The Avengers, are helping me.

I know we can manage everything together and we will keep this beautiful planet safe.

[This is a Captain America multi-verse RP-Blog, I ship everything as long as the backstory fits. My favorite ships are Stony and Bucky/Steve Steve/Peggy. AU-Relationships are gladly welcome. I own none of the pictures I'll post on this blog.]


“—You don’t think I’m not?”

He laughed quietly under his breath, “It’s a trial and error thing, Steve, if I don’t like it, or you don’t like it, there’s no issue with doing something else,” He supplied easily, “If it helps, I don’t think there’s much you could do to scare me away,” He added, responding to the short, careful kiss, and extending his arms around Steve’s shoulders as he was shifted.

Bracing his knees against Steve’s hips, he drew the man a little nearer, making an encouraging sound as the man’s lips settled against his neck, “Whatever makes you comfortable, big-guy,” He said, smoothing back Steve’s hair with his hands, planting a short kiss against his forehead.

Steve wasn’t sure if he heard his own heart beat or Tony’s, but either way he could tell that it was way too fast. Swallowing he glanced up to Tony before he nodded softly and placed another soft kiss on the man’s neck, bringing his hips closer to Tony’s and lightly rubbing himself against him.

A moan left his lips when he felt the other’s hardening member trough his pants before he shifted and looked down to the bilionare, just starring in his eyes for way too long before finally leaning down and placing a soft kiss on his lips, finaly smiling and noding.

"Why are you afraid…? I mean… —You know…what to do, and you know what to say…And…I mean…you..?" He couldn’t believe that Tony was feeling as lost as he was but it somehow calmed him down more than it probably should.

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