#babe alert (≧◡≦)

The price of freedom is high, it always has been. And it’s a price I’m willing to pay.


ok so i was watching this gif carefully 


and when i first saw it i was like “aww Nat jumping into steve’s lap that’s so cute she’s like AHH STEVE SAVE ME” and then i was thinking ‘well she probably realized he’s way stronger than she is and could help shield her if they crashed’

but then i kept watching it and i noticed how she immediately pulls him forward 


and first i thought it was the momentum of her jump but you can clearly see in the gif how she gets settled (quickly) THEN pulls him close to her

and then i realized


that is a bullet hole. 

Nat somehow knew EXACTLY where Steve was gonna get shot at, jumped up into his seat, and saved him


Natasha Fucking Romanoff 

An introduction to this meatballinspiration


Tony/Steve/Shield: the ot3 forever

Hulk 004

Captain Adorable (◕‿◕✿)


How Captain America: The Winter Soldier should have ended. After after credits super secret scene.

Steve Rogers + being adorable