…maybe what we need now is a ‘little guy’.


All that we have, all that we had.

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Preserum!Steve being taught how to dance by Bucky? OR if we’re going for angsty, the first time Post-TWS Steve…

lilbitobsessive answered: Awkward dancing :D


"You know, Stevie, when you’re dancing with a dame, you’re gonna have to stop looking at your feet"

(Bucky just wants Steve to look at him, so this will be his last memory before he ships out)


i should just name all those pics ‘bucky barnes part-time assassin full-time domestic cute patoot’

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the day after bucky moves into the spare room, steve goes back to his daily three hour shift at the only ice cream place in town. he goes through the motions, serving customers and cleaning, but he can’t stop thinking about buck- sorry, winter, as he wanted to be called now. he had been so quiet, so different than the boy steve remembered playing with as a kid. well, obviously, his mom just died, so that’s rough. that’ll change anyone, he thinks. it’s at this exact moment, coincidentally, that he finishes wiping the glass over the hard ice cream, right above the tub of rocky road. which, coincidentally, also used to be bucky’s favorite ice cream as a kid. and he’s struck with a brilliant plan.

once his shift ends he clocks out, pulls on his backpack and makes two of the nicest sugar cones he’s ever made, armed with the single minded desire to make his best friend talk to him and a chipped ice cream scooper. then he heads outside and goes to grab his bike, only to realize…. he’s holding an ice cream cone in each hand. okay. not his best plan. he makes it halfway home before his scoop of cotton candy splatters onto the pavement, and he just sticks the cone in his mouth and starts pedaling faster, so hopefully bucky’s won’t be entirely melted by the time he gets home. besides, his ice cream doesn’t matter. this is for bucky.

he gets home at long last and ditches his bike on the front lawn, running into the house and up the stairs, finally skidding to a stop in front of bucky’s door. he has rocky road all over his hand from where it’s dripped out of the cone, and it’s starting to drip on the floor a little too.

“buck- er, winter!,” steve calls into the room, “i brought you ice cream! it’s rocky road!” bucky looks up from his perch on the bed.

“not hungry,” he says, and steve deflates.

“oh. okay. i’ll just. stick it in the freezer then. if you want it, y’know, later or whatever.” steve says, and trudges back down to the kitchen to find some wax paper, and prays that he doesn’t get rocky road all over the freezer. his mom is going to kill him.

in the morning, the rocky road is gone.

i have been thinking about terribad stucky high school au for a while now, a kind of callback to the weird trope of like 5? years ago where character a moves in with character b even though they’re kids and not related. and yesterday asofterbucky was like, ‘okay, cj, sell me on this au. pitch it to me.’ so i tried.

so steve and bucky are neighbors and best friends until they’re like 12, and then steve mom gets transferred from brooklyn to nowheresville, new jersey, and they move. three years later, bucky’s mom dies, and through some weird thing that both mrs. rogers and mrs. barnes agree to, the rogers’s are listed as his next of kin. and so bucky comes nowheresville, new jersey to live with them. except bucky is nothing like steve remembers— he’s growing his hair out, he only wears black, and he wants to be called winter.

so basically, steve tries to reconnect, bucky resists, and Things Happen. mostly this is done through steve bringing him offerings of ice cream every day, which he leaves in the freezer. he and bucky aren’t speaking, but based on how much is left the next morning he can tell which flavors bucky likes. he’s searching out the perfect flavor combo. he has charts. he’s sure that will make bucky talk to him again.


Captain, America, 3


Sam should be everyone’s fave

and I need to see more of Sam talking to birds

birds are great. sam is great. bird + sam = 2(great)


Yeah! I finished it! I love these stupid senior citizens.

I’ll have this print available at StocktonCon and SacAnime this August. Available on Storenvy after the cons!