Is Sharon Carter (The Agent living next door to Steve ) related to Peggy Carter?

When Steve found his right partner & when Peggy found hers


“I’m sorry I was late…”

I’m dying.



And here’s a picture of Steve learning how to dance.

…why? Why? Just, why?


That’s porn for me .. but without sex !

so cap, have you met peggy yet? you know she is miraculously still alive right? —Anonymous

"I have heard about that, yes, and I did wanted to meet her but…I don’t think I’m ready to face her yet… —And I’m not even sure if she would want to see me… Before all of this, Coulson had told me that she was living in a rest home, but that’s all I know. I wish it would be easier, and I wish I wouldn’t be so afraid of facing her but…I am…"

Just waiting for the right partner.